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Network Statistics - July 2015

Millions of people regularly use and revist the Australian Travel & Tourism Network and our associated network sites, when researching and booking their holiday arrangements.We are a proven performer in generating internet traffic and sales for providers of Australian tourism and leisure services.

This report details a monthly view of the statistical performance across all travel sites in the ATTN network, including Australian Travel & Tourism Network, Australian Travel Blogs, Travel Classified + our exciting new partnership with the well performing TravlBud.

Item Value
International Visitors 18.27%
Visits from Australia 81.73%
Total Visiting Unique Users 128044
Measurement Period July 1 , 2015, 00:00 to July 31, 2015, 12:59:59
Average time spent in site 07.02 minutes
Average visitors per Day 4130 (average calculated across 31 days)
Page Views 383716
Total Visitors to ATTN since 1994 51 838 192
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