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Scooteroo Tours - Town of 1770
Agnes Water Qld
An AWESOME 3Hr Motor Bike Tour where YOU RIDE our WICKED Chopper Motor Bikes and see ALL of the World Renowned Tourist Destinations of Agnes Water & 1770 in Queensland, Australia during one AWESOME afternoon as part of our Bad Ass Biker Gang ! NOW World Famous ... Original and unique in Australia having been recently voted one of the Top 5 Things To Do on the East Coast of Australia. Scooter Roo Tours is the first self drive chopper tour that any one can do easily even if you have never ridden before ! The 5 Scooter Crew who ride with you as guides and helpers keep you safe all the way. Takes in a Real Biker Experience and the incredible scenery Sunsets and ocean outlooks of the iconic areas of Agnes Water and 1770.
Website: Scooteroo Tours facebook twitter
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Scooteroo Tours
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