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How To Choose a Quality Web Design Company For Your Ecommerce Business

Web design that is accessible and appropriate for business is not an easy ask. There are numerous website designers that might suffice for small personal websites, but finding one to help with eCommerce is trickier. With so much business and so many sales conducted online, setting up a good website for your business is crucial to success. If you want to do well, you’ll need a professional web designer from a great web design company. To help you choose which company will do the best job for your business, here are a few important things to think about.

Setting up a website when you have lots of products to sell is a different matter from setting up a few simple pages to project your company’s online image. For this, you will need a specialist web design company, one that has businesses’ interests in mind and has expertise with a platform like Shopify Plus. You will also need specialist eCommerce features, so it is crucial that you find a web design company that can provide these.

The first recommendation to make is a simple one. Consider one that uses a Shopify e-commerce system. It is easy and reliable to use, and so is its eCommerce platform. You want to find a web design company that can build you a great looking e-store using Shopify. This company should provide you with a simple system for inventory management, and a system that can accept credit cards as well as PayPal payments. The system’s interactivity should work seamlessly across your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices so that checking in on your business is made easy. Make sure that the web shop they set up allows you to create discounts and sales easily too. Keep an eye out for hidden costs and commissions on sales, as many attractive web design companies can catch you this way. There should be no hidden costs, and you shouldn’t have to pay more than the figure initially quoted.

If a web design agency offers all this, then they should make it through to the next round of consideration. A simple, easy to use, but great looking and professional e-store is what you need. But, you should also consider something called an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are small data files. They digitally bind a cryptographic key to your website details. In other words, they make using your website safe. This is obviously of great advantage if people are buying things from you using their credit or debit card details. Securing your website with an SSL certificate also boosts your SEO. Google gives preference to secure websites that run using an SSL certificate, so you’ll feature up higher up on the search pages and boost your sales. Getting an SSL certificate will mean that you can take payments from visitors using their cards in a safe and secure manner. The padlock symbol in the URL bar will leave customers secure in the knowledge that their card details are in safe hands.

If your web design company or elsewhere doesn’t offer an SSL certificate, and you can’t get one, you will have to use a third party site like PayPal for payments. An SSL certificate will fully encrypt your customer’s data and is a must-have for eCommerce sites. You should look for a web design company that offers a range of options, from cheaper to more comprehensive deals. Find a company that provides their SSL certificates with a globally recognised brand, and check that they also come with a warranty.

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