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The Pilbara - Western Australia

The Pilbara - Western Australia

The Pilbara Region. Western Australia
From the Exmouth Gulf to 80 Mile Beach, stretch huge tidal flats and life. Diving and snorkeling with Dugongs, Turtles, Mantaray and tropical fish in its crystal clear water is an experience like no other. This region is great for surfing, boating, and swimming.

In contrast Pilbara’s interia, red and sun scorched is home to the world’s largest open cut iron-ore mine in Newman. Walk scenic trails and see Ancient Aboriginal mangroves. The islands of the Dampier Archipelago and its stunning coral gardens are full of marine Rock Art and artifacts. Discover Karijini National Park and its dramatic gorges, multicolored walls hidden far from the coast but well worth the visit.

The Northwest Cape is the nearest point on the Australian mainland to the Continental Shelf which means this area has an abundance of fish and other marine life. Fantastic coral formations, rare starfish, Dugongs, Whale Sharks, playful dolphins and giant Hump-backed Whales are some of the local marine life. The gorges of the Karijini National Park, up to 100m deep are a spectacular sight, some filled with clear fresh water make for great swimming holes in a stunning environment.

(all photo's courtesy of Western Australia Tourism Commission)

The Pilbara. Western Australia he Pilbara. Western Australia he Pilbara. Western Australia he Pilbara. Western Australia
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Things to do In Pilbara
4wd, fishing, boat charters, swimming, surfing, guided tours, aboriginal culture, birdwatching, photgraphy.

Other places to visit in region
Port Hedland, Marble Bar, Onslow, Tom Price, Newman

Best times of year to visit Pilbara
All year round

More Pilbara Information -
Local Attractions, National Parks, Towns

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