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5 Best Ways to Relax Online - Deal With Stress Staying at Home

Statista, one of the world's trusted online platforms for statistical data analysis, lists 33% of people in the United States experienced stress, sadness, and anxiety in 2020. The large percentage comes from the covid-19 outbreak and the stay-at-home policies that followed. Finding suitable means of relaxation online has become a top priority for many to relieve stress and relax online, for instance, playing video games, poker, or streaming a live casino game in TrueBlue casino.

Happy Computing Couple

Some Options for Home Entertainment

Every person needs to relax now and then to relieve stress and gain balance. With limitations set forth by the pandemic policies, it has become of utmost importance to find online ways to relax. Here are some of the ways you can relax online while staying at home:

● Interactive platforms such as Social Media;
● Consider virtual betting;
● Go on an online shopping spree;
● Spend the day streaming (media streaming);
● Find and join an online community;
● Partake in video gaming.

Interactive Platforms Such As Social Media

Social Media platforms can be a significant source of stress. People tend to compare and head into despair from photographs and videos they view of others online. However, Pew Research Center disapproves of this fact and indicates that Social Media decrease stress levels in ladies. The rationale behind it is that you not only get to interact, chat or message each other. Today's Social Media provides a chance to initiate a conversation with a stranger, scroll through the feeds for current and emerging news/ trends or engage in a competition, for instance, "#livingit" while at home. With so many Social Media distractions, it is impossible to dwell on one's stressful elements.

Consider Virtual Betting

Virtual gaming is accessible from anywhere. It means you can gain access to free online games anytime, anywhere, without any geographical hindrances or limitations. You only need a phone or a personal computer with quality internet access, which is already available. You do not have to sit in your home office to play or place a bet. You can relax on your bed, sit out in the sun or under the shade and enjoy a few free games.

One study involving online casino players as participants aimed to study whether the games help in relaxation through stress relief. The conclusions indicated that games help reduce stress levels significantly. Since the games require minimal concentration, the achievement is associated with the tactile sensation phenomenon. As such, this sensation aids in promoting relaxation. The virtual betting game or sport an individual engages in doesn't matter; only sensation issues.

Go on an Online Shopping Spree

A famous writer for psychology today, also an online paper in the UK, says that "when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." As such, online shopping provides relief and relaxation. A study by TNS global indicates that more people tend to engage in shopping sprees or retail therapy. The term refers to a form of medication process where individuals shop and purchase items to instill confidence, mark a new beginning with a celebration, or brings joy to one's life!

Online shopping is highly therapeutic, and it's suitable to ease mental stress. For instance, purchasing new beddings for your new home after a divorce can help alleviate the stress. The process helps to psychologically prepare you by visualizing how to put the new products into use and better performance, resulting in lower stress and anxiety levels.

Spend the day streaming (media streaming)

A study by IPSOS shows that most Americans when faced with a stressful day, turn to the media for relief. With all the stressors, including pandemic, racial justice storms, and the recent election, the condition worsens. The report indicates that around 57% of Americans stream music to manage their stress. Other media-based stress relievers include binge-watching movies, especially comedies with upbeat shows that are funny, streaming a football game or event, and partaking in a fans-friendly competition online.

A study in the journal of social psychology and personality science advises going over personal favourites as they recharge the brain, giving you a mental boost. The research indicates that the familiarity amongst your beloved characters and the knowledge of what is to happen offers a reliable platform and a sense of safety, allowing your brain to recharge.

Find and Join an Online Community

Online communities operate on the same principle as social support groups. The only difference is that social support groups are physical, while online communities are available only through the internet. While at home and alone, joining an online community is advisable. The communities provide new friends with like abilities and shared interests from different parts of the world.

The communities are a way to socialize, and you can plan dates via online platforms where you have tea at home with a few friends. It gives the person a sense of belonging, and the feeling of isolation associated with staying at home disappears. Plus, with individuals sharing personal stress, learning from, and gaining new eye-opening life lessons and experiences, your mind is continually engaged, leaving no time to worry or stress about anything.

Partake In Video Gaming

The gaming world is probably the best online form of stress relief while staying at home. Most people do not associate gaming and young people with no prospects in life. Instead, the people take it as a challenging, rewarding, and most engaging form of entertainment present online. The competitive energy induced increases the release of a hormone called dopamine. The hormone lifts an individual's mood.

Games provide players with short-term and long-term playing goals. At the same time, you get instant rewards for your creativity and strategy, helping you eliminate stress. Plus, people always make meaningful connections and socialization when engaged in similar video games online. You end up creating a community of gamers with your favourite online video games as a point of contact and the groups' heart.


There are more ways to relax using the internet that you can add to the above list. However, none can go above and beyond like the six outlined above. Can you imagine the exhilarating feeling one experience once on a shopping spree? How about when engaging in a competitive online video game for the first time? The suspense in the next episode for the movie you are streaming? It's true that having a distraction when at home provides stress relief, and the internet is the most innovative platform accessible to you!

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