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Mobile game genres that became popular in 2021. Overview of the best free games for smartphones and tablets

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The development of the mobile segment of the game industry takes place in seven-mile steps. Every year, more and more quality projects for smartphones and tablets appear. One such project is "Fireball 5-reel slot".

Several factors contribute to the popularity of mobile games. The key reason is the spread of high-speed Internet. Today it is available in almost all countries. Another reason is that Apple and Google have changed their mobile app store policy and made it loyal to the game industry.

Top 5 genres of games on your phone

As of 2021, the most popular mobile game genres are:
• Battle Royale;
• card games;
• puzzle games.

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Battle Arenas. Multiplayer battle arenas are a mixture of RTS and action. In a MOBA there is one character that the player controls and must continually develop. The hero can be a warrior, a knight, a mage, etc.

The mobile version of the game is different from the computer. These differences are due to the fact that smartphones and tablets have certain limitations. They have to do with processing power, screen parameters, etc.

MMORPG is considered to be the oldest genre of mobile games. The acronym stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In this game, you need to "pump" the hero in a vast world, divided into zones. In mobile games of this genre can meet dragons, gods, demons, knights and other interesting heroes.

The difference between MMORPG MOBAs, in which players are divided into teams, is that the genre is every man for himself.

In recent years, a genre such as Battle Royale has been gaining popularity. Today, about 50 million users prefer to play mobile games in this genre. This genre involves the user fighting against other players on a large map with resources (weapons, ammo, armor, etc.). These resources can be found in a variety of locations. The task of the user is to collect these resources and stay alive.

Games in the genre Battle Royale at first glance may seem rather simple. But interest in them due to the presence of huge maps, numerous weapons, etc. Players have a virtually limitless amount of space on which they can exploit any tactical possibilities. The winner of this game will only be the one who can allocate the available resources correctly.

Mobile users also favor card games. Their popularity is due to the fact that cards allow them to fill a short break. A MOBA match, on the other hand, often drags on for 25-30 minutes. Other genres are also addictive and time-consuming.

Another advantage of card games is their accessibility. Most of these games are completely free to play. But keep in mind that in cards, the player may need to unlock a new option, get a premium deck, etc. These features will have to be paid for.

Finally, puzzle games are already a traditional mobile game and have been in the top 5 genres for several years. About half of gadget users have at least one puzzle game on their smartphone. And this game genre is equally popular among both men and women.

The essence of puzzles is to achieve a certain goal. But to solve the problem, the player will have to think hard and use their wits.

Puzzles - a subgenre of casual games. It reaches a fairly large audience of mobile device users. Therefore, the position of puzzle games will remain strong for many years.

Main Trends

The following trends can be highlighted in the mobile gaming industry in 2021:

● Players becoming viewers. More and more fans of mobile games tend not to play, but to follow how others do it.
● More and more mobile games are monetized through in-game purchases. Players are willing to pay real money to become stronger than their rivals.
● The iOS operating system has given its customers the option to prohibit their data from being tracked and transmitted. This decision by Apple will have a major impact on the industry. It is now more difficult for mobile game developers to collect user information and personalize advertisements. Therefore, advertising budgets are expected to be reallocated in the near future and most of the funds will shift to Android.
● Social functions began to appear in mobile games. This trend is due to the lack of live communication associated with the coronavirus pandemic. In modern games, chats, push notices, activity tapes, etc., are increasingly integrated.

The best games for Android

The Play Market app store is now offering all the most popular mobile games. Most of the best Android games are free to download. For your convenience, all the available entertainment is sorted by genre. The most popular games for Android are:

• Teamfight Tactics
• Brawl Stars
• Dead by Daylight Mobile
• Diablo: Immortal
• The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
• Best games for tablets

All the popular games of 2021 can be installed on Android tablets and iPads. They include:

• Call of Duty: Mobile
• Genshin Impact
• Among Us
• Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
• Vainglory

And on tablets is much more convenient to play than on a smartphone. Convenience comes from the larger screen. Therefore, it's easier to control objects on a tablet, hit small icons, etc.

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