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Western Queensland Holiday Destinations

The picturesque hillsides surrounding Cloncurry are scattered with ghost towns and the discarded remains from copper mining. Copper mining was a major industry from 1860s until the early in the 20 century when the copper prices fell.

Situated on the banks of the Flinders, Queensland's longest river, this former gold mining centre was established by two pioneers from the Richmond River district of New South wales. Rich in fossil deposits, the remains of various unique dinosaurs including Kronosaurus, Plesiosaur and Ankylosaur have been found in the area.

Named after the famous explorer Mitchell is the birthplace of Australia's shortest-serving Prime Minister, Frank Forde. It provides one of the main access points to the Mount Moffatt area of the Carnarvon National Park.

Tambo is the oldest town in the Central West and wooden buildings on the main street erected in the 1860-70s are still standing today. The former Post Office is now a museum and home of the Tambo Teddy Workshop.

Longreach, the largest town in the far west, was the site of Qantas's first office and the old hanger is still part of the airport together with Australia's first aircraft factory. The town is the major trucking centre for the area.

Mount Isa
Mount Isa is the world's largest city in terms of area, covering 10 977km, and is one of the country's main mining towns. The mine is the largest single producer of lead and silver in the world, the largest producer of copper in Australia and Queensland's largest single industrial enterprise. Mount Isa is dependent on the mine as one in five of the population work there. John Campbell first discovered ore in 1923 at a site now marked with an obelisk and the town has since become the first company town in Australia with a population of 27 000.

Winton is famous for its milestones in Australian history being the home of Waltzing Matilda, Australia's unofficial national anthem, and the birthplace of Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) with the first board meeting held at the Winton Club in 1920.

Birdsville grew as a centre for moving stock south and as a custom post and in its heyday had three hotels, a custom house and many houses. Today with only one pub and a store the town is famous for its racetrack, a lonely and bumpy drive south to Marlee in South Australia.

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