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Adjoining Hobart, Glenorchy is a major City with strong industrial and commercial bases. The city has captivating views of the forested Wellington Ranges and the Derwent River. The settlement began at O'Briens Bridge in 1809, near the present city centre and was predominantly a rural town until the 1930's, with the establishment of the Electolytic Zinc Company at Risdon and Cadbury's confectionary factory at Claremont. These developments resulting in a population explosion from
18 000 in the 1950's to over 40 000 in the 70's. The town was granted city status in 1964, becoming Tasmania's third city.

New Norfolk

New Norfolk offers a combination of picturesque scenery, history and modern services and is the major town in the Derwent River Valley. Attractions include:- many fine examples of colonial architecture, Salmon Ponds, where the first trout in the southern hemisphere were raised and for the more adventurous jet boat rides on the Derwent River.


Situated 11km south of Hobart, the picturesque beach was discovered by botanist Robert Brown in 1804 and the first settlement was named Browns River. The town is the administrative centre of the Kingborough Municipal Area, and a resort and commuter suburb for workers in Hobart. Of interest is the Federal Government's Antarctic research headquarters which have an interesting display and is open to the public during the week.


Located 48km south of Hobart, Huonville is a pretty town set amongst green pastures and orchids and is the commercial centre of the Huon Valley. The Huon River, discovered by French Admiral D'Entrecasteaux in 1792 provided transport for produce and timber in the early years of settlement. The town was named after the valuable soft wood, Huon Pine, which was discovered in the area.


Located 26km north of Hobart, the old world village of Richmond is rich in history and heritage and contains the oldest bridge and earliest catholic church in Australia, as well as a perfectly preserved colonial gaol. Richmond's centerpiece is the magnificent bridge, built by convicts in 1823-25 with no ornamental finesse but having lots of charm. Legend has it that the ghost of overseer Simeon Groover haunts the bridge. The gaol, built in 1825 to house the gangs of convicts used as labour in the area and prisoners in transit, has been restored and is now a major tourist attraction.


Located 71km south-west of Hobart, Geeveston, is an important tourism service centre. Surrounded by eucalypts and rain forests the town has had a long association with the forestry industry.Geeveston was first settled in 1842, with the arrival of the Geeves family from England, after whom it takes its name. Geeveston has most southerly local government area which takes in Macquarie Island 1300km to the south. The island is almost half way to Antarctica and is a base for Antarctic research and a State reserve.


Situated 81km south of Hobart, Dover is a popular tourist resort which offers safe beaches and sheltered waters for yachts. The town was originally named Port Esperance, after one of the ships of French Admiral Bruni D'Entrecasteaux in 1792. This is the name now given to the Bay, and the three islands in the bay are called Faith, Hope, and Clarity.

Originally servicing the timber industry the main industries today are Atlantic salmon fishing farms, fruit growing and fishing. There are amenities including a boat ramp, supermarkets and a large range of accommodations.

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