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Great Ocean Road National Parks & Wildlife
Victoria (VIC)

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Brisbane Ranges National Park
Between Geelong and Bacchus Marsh is the Brisbane Ranges National Park which is famous for its wildflowers and popular with bird-watchers.

This area is filled with well-preserved reminders of the region's history, including the old mining town of Steiglitz which is located in the Brisbane Ranges and is now a historic park. All that is left of what was once a booming township is the courthouse and remnants of several buildings and mines.

Otway National Park
The road now traces inland, right through the heart of the beautiful Otway National Park. Take the time to explore it. Malt's Rest is particularly popular with its series of boardwalks and on-site information weaving through the fernery. You can stroll through the rainforest at your leisure, tour by cycle or see it on horseback. Some of the trail rides last up to seven days. Some of the tallest trees in the world are found at the Otway Ranges. Giant mountain ash gums, enchanting fern gullies and thick stands of myrtle beech will delight you.

Journey off the beaten track to Cape Otway. Fifteen thousand years ago this point was connected to the north-west tip of Tasmania, Australia's southern island state. More recently, however, in Australia's colonial days, it became known for the famous lighthouse. Ships which had been at sea for months without seeing land, saw this light as a welcoming symbol and a profound reassurance after crossing some of the world's loneliest seas.

Tower Hill
Tower Hill is a comparatively young, but extinct volcano. The crater formed only 7500 years ago. It was declared Victoria's first National Park in 1892 and is now a State Game Reserve. Since 1961 a revegetation and native animal restocking program has returned the area to its natural state. Today it is rich in bird life and Cape Barren and magpie geese, ducks, spoonbills and emus can be seen on nature walks throughout the reserve.

Lower Glenleg National Park
The white, steep-walled limestone river gorge of the Glenelg River is breathtaking, and canoeing, fishing and cruising are popular activities. Also within the park are the Princess Margaret Rose Caves. The main cave is the most attractive and is accessible to the public. Within it you will see excellent examples of actively forming stalactites, stalagmites, and other spectacular limestone formations. Alternatively, a river cruise can provide spectacular sights while you enjoy an on-board Devonshire Tea.

Cape Bridgewater From Portland the road continues west and runs parallel with the coastline, passing close by several National Parks.

At the eastern end of Bridgewater Bay is the Cape Nelson State Park which houses a century-old lighthouse that is open for free tours.

Sheltering the most westerly section of Victoria's coastline is the Discovery Bay Coastal Park. This is a vast stretch of unspoilt ocean beach with huge rolling sand dunes and tranquil lakes and swamps. The park has dramatically changing moods - it can be a very friendly or a very hostile environment, but this contributes to the intrigue which surrounds the park.

Within the Mount Richmond National Park is the extinct volcano, Mount Richmond. Walking through this park, you may also spot eastern grey kangaroos, koalas and red-necked wallabies.

Victoria National Parks


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