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Perth Western Australia drivenow

Perth Museums WA

Western Australian Museum
Western Australia's largest and most comprehensive museum. Visitors can view the State's unique animals, birds and marine life in the larger galleries, enjoy the intimacy of the colourful butterfly gallery or look back into the ancient past in the Aboriginal gallery. A dinosaur gallery completes the experience. The complex is home to some of Perth's oldest buildings including the original Old Gaol and an early settler's cottage. A museum shop and coffee shop are on site. Admission is free.
Open: 10.30am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sun
1pm-5pm Sat & public holidays
Francis Street, Perth
Telephone: (09) 328 4411

Francis Burt Law Education Centre
The Law Centre comprises the Old Courthouse, the oldest building in the city erected in 1836, and extensions at the rear which were added in 1905 when the Courthouse was used as an Arbitration Court. These rooms are set up as a solicitor's office, video room and activity room. Visitors can participate in guided tours. Arrangements may also be made for groups to take part in mock trials and visit the Supreme Court to view court proceedings - phone for bookings.
Open: I0am-2pm Tue - Thu Stirling Gardens
Comer Barrack Street & St George's Terrace, Perth
Telephone: (09) 325 4787

Fire Safety Education Centre & Museum
This rusticated limestone building completed in 1900 became the headquarters of the Perth City Fire Brigade after it moved from the Perth Town Hall in 1901. In the early years Of the station, turnouts to fires by horse-drawn steamers were assisted by automatic apparatus designed by the firemen themselves which made the station the most advanced in Australia at that time. Restored in 1983-5, the building is now a museum featuring many displays on fire safety and fire brigade history.
Open: 10am-3pm weekdays
Corner Murray & Irwin Streets, Perth
Telephone: (09) 323 9468

Mineral Museum of Western Australia
Aside from rocks and minerals, there are special displays mounted to reflect current topics in mining, geology and related fields.
Open: 8.30am-5pm weekdays 100 Plain Street, East Perth
Telephone: (09) 222 3333

Army Museum of Western Australia
A restored Colonial home housing military memorabilia, uniforms, badges and medals which trace the story of the Australian Army from the early days to the present.
Open: 1pm-4.30pm Sun
2 Bulwer Street, Perth
Telephone: (09) 227 9269

Western Australian Maritime Museum
See an internationally important collection of shipwreck relics from the many boats which have fallen prey to Western Australia's coastline since the Dutch sailors of the early 17th century, plus a myriad of other displays reflecting the State's maritime history.
Open: 10.30am-5pm daily
Cliff Street, Fremantle
Tel: 431 8444

Historic Boats Museum
Australia's largest collection of watercraft, including the pilot boat Lady Forrest, John Sanders' yachts, and Indonesian fishing boat, Aboriginal and islander craft, as well as canoes, service and leisure boats. Marine engines operate Thursday to Sunday afternoons.
Open: 10am-3pm weekdays 10am-4pm weekends & Public holidays
B Shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle
Telephone: (09) 430 4680

The Energy Museum
A fascinating, eye catching and educational display for all ages. Everything you've always wanted to know about energy past, present and future with static and hands on working displays, dioramas and hundreds of objects and photographs.
Open: 10,30am-4.30pm weekdays 1am-4.30pm weekends & public holidays 9.30am-4.30pm school holidays
12 Parry Street, Fremantle
Telephone: (09) 430 5655

Fremantle History Museum
This museum is housed along with the Fremantle Arts Centre in the colony's first lunatic asylum, built by convicts in the 1860s. It includes exhibitions about the history of the building and its inmates, the history of Fremantle and Fremantle's culturally diverse community. The museum also hosts a constantly changing program of community exhibitions and travelling exhibitions from other parts of Australia.
Open: 11am-4pm weekdays 1pm-5pm weekends
1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle
Tel: 430 7966

Shell Museum
Features many fine displays of Australian shells, fossils and gemstones, as well as locally made jewellery. Open - 9am-5pm weekdays 10am-4.30pm weekends & public holidays
Nature's Gem House,
5 Beach Street, Fremantle
Telephone: (09) 336 1588

Granary Museum
The Granary Museum holds a wealth of authentic artifacts and materials that bring the history of the grain industry to life.
Tours by appointment
Kwinana Beach Road, Kwinana
Telephone: (09) 322 3677

Rockingham Museum Flinders Lane, Rockingham
Documents Rockingham's development from a seafront village to the thriving community of today. The museum has a magnificent stained glass window which honours the district's pioneer women and is home to one of the two "sleeping beauties" - one-man submarines used by Z-Force during World War II.
Open: 1pm-4.30pm Tue-Thu & Sat 10am-4.30pm Sun
Telephone: (09) 592 3455

Telecommunications Museum
Wireless Hill Park comprises 40 hectares of natural bushland. The panoramas from the viewing towers are breathtaking.
Open: 2pm-5pm weekends
Almondbury Road, Ardross
Telephone: (09) 364 7067

Aviation Museum
The history of aviation told through aircraft, engines, models, photos and memorabilia. The museum houses 23 aircraft including such legendary flying machines as the Lancaster and the Spitfire. It also includes a research library and a shop filled with memorabilia and books for armchair flying aces. Special times, lunches and dinners arranged for groups on request.
Open: 10am-4pm weekdays, 11am-4am weekends
Bull Creek Drive, Bullcreek
Telephone: (09) 332 4444

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