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Visit beautiful Sydney for your next holiday

Sydney Holidays & Travel Information

Founded just over 200 years ago as a British penal settlement, Sydney has grown rapidly to become a glamorous international city boasting the best the world has to offer. The city now embraces a rich multicultural community that totals almost four million people.

Sydney, the capital of the Australian State of New South Wales, is a safe, fresh, friendly destination with a warm, sunny climate that makes a visit perfect in any season. In fact, at least 240 days of sunshine a year means your visit will be as bright as the sparkling, ever-visible harbour.

Sydney's magnificent harbour is clearly the focal point of Sydney's appeal and the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle of its fortunate residents.

Each day and night, visitors and residents alike board cruise boats, commuter ferries, and sailing boats to enjoy the harbour's incredible beauty and the unparalleled views of two of the world's most famous attractions - the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Opera House is acclaimed as the most outstanding building of the 20th century, and when you cruise past its huge billowing sails hovering above the water, you will surely agree.

After photographing the Opera House, you will join trading vessels and luxury cruise liners from around the world as you sail beneath the vast arch of the nearby Harbour Bridge, which itself provides breathtaking views of the harbour.

The wildlife at Sydney's world-class Taronga Zoo, perched high above the harbour, also enjoy fabulous vistas. A spectacular cable car ride from the fern/ wharf leads to exhibits showcasing Australia's unique wildlife, including kangaroos, cuddly koalas, emus, wombats and kookaburras, as well as the world's most exotic animals.

But the harbour view to beat all harbour views can be enjoyed from the top of Australia's highest lookout - Sydney Tower - which soars above the city's striking skyline to provide a sweeping panorama of Sydney's waterways, attractive suburbs, wide open spaces, lush gardens and Australia's famous beaches.

The most famous beach of all, just 15 minutes from downtown Sydney, is Bondi Beach where, on a hot day, more than 50,000 sun-seekers will gather to bask in the sunshine, cool off in the crystal-clear surf and enjoy a colorful selection of beach- side cafes.

But you don't need a hot day for an excuse to swim at Sydney's great beaches. The ideal climate makes swimming possible all year round.

Another popular trip is by ferry or high-speed jet-cat from Circular Quay in the city centre, past forested headlands, and on to the pretty seaside suburb of Manly, another favorite playground for Sydneysiders. Here, you will find big uncrowded beaches, lively promenades, even more lively outdoor entertainment and restaurants offering cuisine from every corner of the globe.

Sydney boasts a diverse ethnic population, with people from around 160 countries now peacefully settled throughout the city. This has created a rich and colorful lifestyle envied around the world.

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Photo courtesy - Tourism NSW
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