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Whitsunday Holidays

Australian Island Holiday Destinations

If you are a visitor to Australia, or an Australian looking for a unique holiday experience, then you would find it hard to not go to one of our world class island destinations. See the latest Hot Deals on Island Holidays!

Australia has over 8000 islands around our beautiful country, and some of them are best known for relaxation, fullfilling experiences and adventures, that visitors to Australian Islands will always have some of the best times of their lives.

There are so many different island experiences to enjoy in Australia, with Queensland having the Whitsunday Islands group and the Great Barrier Reef , holiday makers to these regions can expect a first class destination with top shelf activities like scuba diving, bareboat charters, sailing, game fishing and relaxing beach explorations.

There are also great island experiences to be enjoyed further south like Lord Howe Island , off the NSW north coast, Kangaroo Island in South Australia, and Rottnest Island in Western Australia. For the adventurous, just north of Darwin , the beautiful Tiwi Islands are well worth a visit.

So next holiday you are planning - come and refreshingly wreck yourself on an Australian Island...

Australias top beaches and coastlines
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Rottnest Island - Western Australia

Rottnest Island - Western Australia
Just a short ferry trip or air taxi ride to a safe friendly and protected beaches of the Basin Beaches

Fitzroy Island - Queensland
Fitzroy Island - Queensland
A large continental island just 24 km (15 miles) east of Cairns, Fitzroy island is the third most northerly in the Great Barrier Reef.
Dunk Island - Queensland
Dunk Island - Queensland
Part of the Family Group of Islands, and one of the most tropical on the Barrier Reef in terms of its lush vegetation
Orpheus Island - Queensland Great Barrier Reef
Orpheus Island - North Queensland. 
A coral fringed island resort within its own national park, Orpheus Island Resort offers the ultimate in Great Barrier Reef holidays
Bedarra Island Queensland
Bedarra Island - Nth Queensland
Very exclusive, very luxurious and very beautiful. In setting out to describe Bedarra you need a compendium of
Lizard Island. Qld
Lizard Island - North Queensland
There's lush rainforests and wildflowers and of course, powder white beaches and vivid coral gardens of the sea.
Hinchinbrook Island - Queensland
Hinchinbrook Island - North Queensland  
The largest island national park in the world, Hinchinbrook Island is the perfect place to restore body mind and spirit.
Magnetic Island. QLD
Magnetic Island - North QLD
23 spectacular beaches a dramatic coastline studded with magnificent hoop pines, Magnetic Island is the "natural destination
Hayman Island - Whitsundays QLD
Hayman Island - Whitsundays QLD
At Hayman you get the best of both worlds, magnificent luxury and the natural beauty of a tropical paradise.
Hook Island - Whitsundays QLD

Hook Island - Whitsundays. QLD
Two magnificent 5km fjord-like inlets, Nara and Macona cut into the southern end of Hook Island to provide a perfect anchorage

Daydream Island - Whitsundays. QLD

Daydream Island - Whitsundays
Daydream is extremely popular due to its natural beauty and variety of water activities available.

South Molle Island - Whitsundays
South Molle Island - Whitsundays. QLD
a very picturesque, hilly continental island with undulating grasslands, lush pockets of rainforest, secluded bays and fringing reefs
Whitsunday Island - Whitsundays, QLD

Whitsunday Island - Whitsundays QLD
The largest of all the Islands in the Whitsundays. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and coral, is an idyllic paradise

Hamilton Island - Whitsundays. QLD

Hamilton Island - Whitsundays. QLD
Hamilton is the only Queensland island with a modern jet airport. The whole island is a world class resort

Lindeman Island - Whitsundays

Lindeman Island - Whitsundays QLD
There's 20km of bushwalking tracks, all beautifully maintained. Stroll through Butterfly Valley or Climb Mt Oldfield

Brampton Island - Whitsundays

Brampton Island - Whitsundays. QLD
Pretty as a picture postcard, Brampton Island, has been classified as a national park since 1932.

Long Island - Whitsundays. QLD
Long Island - Whitsundays. QLD
When you dream of an island holiday, this is what you're dreaming of. Hammocks swinging under palm trees, golden sandy
Fraser island is the worlds largest sandy beach island
Fraser Island - Great Sandy NP. QLD
a nature based holiday destination which offers spectacular white beaches, coloured sand cliffs, dunes, creeks, lakes, wildflower
Wilson Island - Qld
Wilson Island - Southern Reefs QLD
Imagine being a castaway far from civilisation on a deserted coral island. Yours to share with just sixteen others
North West Island - QLD
North West Island - Southern Reefs QLD
North West island offers visitors a very quiet place to get away, relax end enjoy the crystal clear waters of the southern reefs
Great Keppel Island - QLD
Great Keppel Island - Queensland
Great Keppel Island is the tropic of fun. Most of the island is a national park, with 28km of beaches, small secluded bays
Heron Island QLD
Heron Island - South Reefs. QLD
Rated as one of the best diving locations on earth, the reef is practically at your doorstep, so all you have to do is go walking.
Lady Musgrave Island - QLD
Lady Musgrave Island - Queensland
an uninhabited coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s greatest natural phenomenons .
Lady Elliot Island - Queensland
Lady Elliot Island - Queensland
The diving here is fantastic with 10 dive sites including Lighthouse Bommie, Coral Gardens, Moiri, and Shark Pool. Excellent visibility and
Rottnest Island - WA
Kangaroo Island - South Australia
Kangaroo Island has one of Australia’s most impressive concentrations of wildlife and is an idyllic holiday destination. 
Stradbroke Island - Queensland
Stradbroke Island. South East QLD
Straddies unspoilt beaches and headlands are perfect for swimming, surfing and fishing year round.
Torres Strait Islands - Nth QLD
Torres Strait Islands - NTH QLD
An intresting region to visit, the Torres Strait Islands are renowned for pearling, crayfish and the trochus industries.
Bass Strait Islands - Flinders Island and King Island Tasmania
Bass Strait Islands - Tasmania
Known for their fauna & produce, the islands are what remains of a land bridge between the Australian mainland and Tasmania.
Lord Howe Island - NSW
Lord Howe Island - NSW
stroll on the white sand beaches, snorkel over pristine coral reefs, scuba dive more than 50 sites with colourful fish.
Tiwi Islands NT
Tiwi Islands - Northern Territory
The islands of Melville and Bathurst are known as the Tiwi Islands Northern Territory Located 80 kilometres of Darwin
Norfolk Island Norfolk Island
Imagine a lush, beautiful island with sandy beaches, jagged cliffs and tall pine trees supported by a local community

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