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Long Island Whitsundays - Queensland

Originally Port Molle, unromantically renamed by explorer Matthew Flinders, Long Island is just that - 11kms long and no more than 1.5km wide.

Palm and Happy Bay are the nearest safe anchorages to Shute Harbour and therefore a popular spot for yachties. The newest addition to the Whitsundays islands resorts is Paradise Bay. Recently revitalised, Paradise Bay, on the southern tip of Long Island, is a unique 'no phone/TV zone for the ultimate back to nature holiday.

When you dream of an island holiday, this is what you're dreaming of. Hammocks swinging under palm trees, golden sandy beaches, gentle waves lapping at the shore and 2,500 acres of tropical rainforest to explore.

On Long Island there are 20km of bushwalking tracks which are considered by many to be some of the prettiest in the Whitsunday Island group.

The three resorts on Long Island are small and unpretentious, but offer all you need to fulfil a tropical holiday.

Photos courtesy - Tourism Queensland

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