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Rottnest Island - West Australia Rottnest Island - Western Australia

Rottnest Island - Western Australia

Just a short ferry trip or air taxi ride to a safe friendly and protected beaches of the Basin Beaches on north side of the reef protected island. Great for families with small children where the white sand meets the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

A lifestyle untouched by the pressures of the mainland draws thousands of holidaymakers to Rottnest each year. Its crystal clear bays and beaches are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing,skindiving,sunbathing, surfing, boating and fishing.

One reason for the idyllic atmosphere is the absence of cars. Everyone rides bicycles. You can hire them on the island or bring your own on the ferry. For safety reasons, bicycle helmets must be worn and these are also available for hire.

And Rottnest wouldn't be Rottnest without the quokkas, the small marsupials which inhabit the island.

It's great to spend a few days at Rottnest, but you can still have a relaxing time visiting for a day. It doesn't take long to slow down to "Rotto" pace.

Photos courtesy - Tourism WA

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