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Aboriginal Dreamtime Paintings

The Quinkan Reserve west of Cooktown contains one of the largest bodies of prehistoric art in the world and is the most important cultural and historical Aboriginal site in Australia. There a thousand or more art sites which contain tens of thousands of paintings from a variety of techniques and styles.
Of particular interest are the Aboriginal Quinkans - tall, elongated humanoid figures with big staring eyes. Aborigines believe that these spirit beings lived beneath the rocks.
  • Getting There: Laura, 144km by road west of Cooktown
    Attractions: Giant Horse Gallery between Split Rock and Laura contains some of the largest and most dramatic paintings.
  • Be Aware: The Quinkan Reserve Trust was established in 1977 to preserve these paintings. Several of the galleries are open for inspection in the company of Aboriginal rangers of the trust.

Great Barrier Reef

The world's largest coral reef system, made up of more than 2 100 seperate reefs, protects most of the Queensland coast from the Cape to as far south as Gladstone.
The Great Barrier Reef is World Heritage protected being the largest marine park in the world.
Covering 230 000 square kilometres, this exotic environment contains 400 different corals which support an estimated 1500 different varieties of fish, more species than any other place in the seas.

  • Getting There: The Great Barrier Reef is closest to the coast around the Cairns area, making Cairns the perfect spot to begin a reef adventure.
    Attractions: Fishing, snorkelling, diving, glass bottom boat tours, island retreats
  • Be Aware: This a protected area causing damage to the coral reef is a criminal offence. Tides may may rise and fall six metres or more creating very strong rips in some channels.

Riversleigh Fossil Field

The immense field on the ancient Riversleigh Plateau has revealed creatures previously unknown to science. This graveyard is a former watering hole for animals where fossilised remains from three distinct periods as far back as fifteen million years have been discovered. Extraordinary animals identified include flesh-eating kangaroos, lungfish, large platypus, marsupial lions, carnivorous bats and 7 meter pythons.
  • Getting There: 150km south of Burketown, south-east of Lawn Hill N.P.
  • Be Aware: This is a protected area, visitors should seek advise from a park ranger before entering.

World Heritage Rainforest

The tropical rainforests of Queensland which cover approximately 9000 000 hectares of coastal area between Townsville and Cooktown were added to the World Heritage List in 1988. An area of immense beauty with thick humid jungle, waterfalls and streams and spectacular cloud capped mountains.
This is one of the wettest areas on the planet and one of the few intact rainforests left in the world. They are of enormous interest to science - supporting 18% of Australia's bird species, 25% of reptiles, 30% of frog and marsupial species, 62 % of butterflies, 60% of bat species, and 90% of known ferns.
  • Attractions: Daintree National Park, abundant wildlife, spectacular mountain scenery.
  • Be Aware: World Heritage Area please respect our environment. 400 flora and fauna species are rare or endangered. Frequent tropical rain

Game & Barramundi Fishing

From Cairns fishing tours are available to the Great Barrier Reef for a wide variety of fish species including the highly prized Black Marlin. The Gulf Savanna region and Cape York Peninsula provide excellent Barramundi and game fishing.
  • Contact:
  • Be Aware: Obtain advise on local conditions if deep sea fishing. Beware of crocodiles if fishing for Barramundi.
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