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The Kimberley. Western Australia
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Bungle Bungles - Purnululu NP WA

Purnululu National Park, The Bungle Bungles - Western Australia
A world heritage listed site, The Bungle Bungle Ranges lie in the Purnululu National Park. It has taken over 20 million years of erosion for the ochre and black striped sandstone domes to form. They stand 200 – 300 metres high. The vibrant reds and golds are a magnificent sight as the sun sets.

The presence of the indigenous people in this ancient country date back 20,000 years. Until as recently as the 1980s no one other that the local Aboriginal people knew about this natural wonder. It is an area rich in Aboriginal art and burial sites and the park has a number of galleries.

The park is open from April – December and is accessible by 4wd only. There are a number of deep creek crossings. Be sure you are well prepared with food, water and other supplies before venturing off in the park as there are no facilities and no accommodation in the park. The gorges are accessible by foot only.

Discover the natural beauty of the palm lined gorges carved by rivers and creeks over millions of years. The numerous secluded swimming holes, Cathedral Gorge’s amphitheater, Froghole and Mini Palm Gorge, Echidna Chasm on the north side or the Piccaninny Creek and Gorge – you’ll need a couple of days to reach this one and a camp over night but it is truly worth the trip.

There are a number of tour operators and Rangers throughout the park during the open season. During the summer when the park is closed, the wet season brings monsoon rains and the park comes to life. Taking a flight from Halls Creek is the only way to see the National Park at this time of year when the rivers swell, the grass is lush and green, animals and plant life flourish and the waterfalls cascade over the dramatic gorges.

(all photo's courtesy of Western Australian Tourism Commission)

The Bungle Bungles - Purnululu National Park. Western Australia The Bungle Bungles - Purnululu National Park. Western Australia The Bungle Bungles - Purnululu National Park. Western Australia
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Things to do in Bungle Bungles
4 wheel driving, bush walking, camping, animal & bird watching, tours, aboriginal art.

Other places to visit in region
Broome, Halls Creek, Kununnurra, Wyndham, Derby, Cable Beach

Best times of year to visitThe Kimberley's
April - December

What's on in The Kimberley's
Ord Valley Muster - May
Moonrise Rock Festival - June
Boab Festival - July
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Shinju Matsuri Pearl Festival - Sept
Mango Festival - Nov

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