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The Kimberley Holiday Attractions WA


At King George Falls,the King George River plunges 100 metres over a sandstone cliff into tidal waters.These falls are in full force from late december through to early may each year and gradually recede to a small flow in september. The falls are situated 8kms from the coast and if entering the river from the sea the route up the river is one of the worlds most spectacular sights as one travels up the gorge to the falls.The surounding coastline is also spectacular,with coastal cliffs,gorges,mangrove lined bays,enourmous sand dunes and rugged sanstone country.

This coastline is very remote and is known as the Diamond coast the only real access is by boat or fly to faraway bay airstrip and stay at the wilderness retreat called the Faraway Bay.

Malcolm Douglas Broome Crocodile Park
Presently has over 1000 reptiles including the saltwater or estuarine crocodile, the freshwater crocodile, the exotic alligator, caimans and the New Guinea crocodile.

Bedford Park
Standing in Bedford Park as relics of Broome's history are an old train carriage which used to carry goods from Port Jetty to the stores in Chinatown, a replica of one of Dampier's sea chests and an aircraft engine from one of the Dutch Dornier flying boats sunk in Roebuck Bay by Japanese planes in World War II.

Broome Historical Society Museum
The museum building at the end of Hamersley Street is the old Customs House. Features include a display of pearling and many old photographs and files which piece together the town's fascinating history.

Staircase to the Moon
This natural phenomenon is caused by a full moon reflecting off exposed mudflats at extremely low tides to create a beautiful optical illusion of a staircase. Check with the Tourist Bureau for dates and times.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm
Located approximately 35km from Broome the farm produces south sea cultured pearls from the beautiful silver-lipped oyster Pinotada Maxima. Visitors can observe a pearl farm at close range and discover the mystique of the cultured pearl.

Pearl Shell and Pearls Displays
Shell display and curios may be seen at the historical museum in Saville Street, Shell House in Guy Street, Paspaley Pearling Company in Short Street and Broome Pearls. The Pearl Emporium, the Pearl Fisheries Gallery and Linney's Pearls in Dampier Terrace and Anastasia's Pearl Gallery in Carnarvon Street.

Broome Bird Observatory
Located 18km east of Broome on Roebuck Bay, the observatory is recognized as one of the top five bird watching locations in the world. Over 245 species have been recorded at the observatory.

Boab Prison Tree
This hollow Boab has a girth of 14m and is located 7km south of Derby. The Aboriginal outlaw Jandamarra (Pigeon) may have used the tree as an overnight cell before the final trek into Derby.

The Australian Boab, similar to the African Baobab, is found only in the Kimberley and Northern Territory.

King Leopold Range
145km along the Gibb River Road, the traveller passes through Yamarra Gap. To the west of this pass in the Napier Range is Queen Victorias Head. From here the country becomes rugged and dotted with high granite outcrops. These are the foothills of the King Leopolds.

The road leads through Inglis Gap to the top of the range and then ascends into Broome Valley. From here, the road passes Mt Bell, one of the highest peaks in the range. (Mt Ord is the highest at 93.7m above sea level). Mt Bell is also known as Elephant Hill, due to its appearance as you look back.

Lennard Gorge
Over the centuries, the Lennard River has carved a 5km long gorge with sheer, vertical cliffs. A waterfall, north of the entrance, feeds a small pool ideal for a quick cooling swim. This is only accessible by 4WD vehicles.

Bell Gorge
Opposite Rifle Point in the King Leopold Ranges is the turnoff to the calm managed area of Silent Grove (19kms) and Bell Gorge (29kms). The spectacular Bell Gorge Falls is a major feature of this area. Camping facilities with hot showers, septic toilets and rubbish removal is available at Silent Grove. Limited individual camp sites are available nearer Bell Gorge on a first come basis. A Ranger is in residence from April to October. Camp fees are charged. Access by light aircraft is also possible into the airstrip at Silent Grove.

Pandanas Palm Wildlife Park and Zebra Rock Gallery
Situated off Packsaddle Plains Road in a large garden area surrounded by a variety of birds is the Zebra Rock Gallery. Here the unique Zebra Rock is polished and displayed for sale.

Argyle Diamonds
Argyle Diamond Mine, the world's largest diamond mine, is situated south of Kununurra. A number of local outlets including Djaaru Gems, Nina's jewellery, and Kimberley Fine Diamonds all display the pink diamonds from the mine along with other local precious gems.

Lake Argyle
Created by the damming of the Ord River in the Carr Boyd Ranges, Lake Argyle is located 72km south of Kununurra along Parker Road. It contains nine times the volume of water of Sydney Harbour. Mountain peaks have been transformed into rugged islands which are home to brushtailed wallabies, kangaroos, lizards and an abundance of birds.

The drive to the lake is picturesque with many interesting features including Aboriginal rock paintings and the fast flowing white water of Spilllway Creek. A right turn at the creek will take you to Roy's Camp where you can yarn with one of the Kimberley"s own and visit a living bush camp.

After winding through a rugged mountain range, you can visit the Argyle Homestead Museum. the reconstructed homestead of the Durack family originally on Argyle Downs Station.

Wyndham Crocodile Farm
Established for the breeding of estuarine and salt water crocodiles and the eventual harvesting of hides and meat for the commercial market. Set in scenic grounds the farm is open daily to visitors.

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